Dated, went on a break, he's going on a trip with another girl he just met?

the guy I've been dating told me that he wanted to get his life back on track and get things worked out with his mom etc. (he has been having issues with his mom and such)

he told me he wants to go on a short break so he can get his life back on track so he can love me better etc. he said it would only last 2 weeks. he said we'll keep in contact. about a week ago, he went to a party, met a college girl that wanted to hook up with him. this college girl, tried to give him a lap dance the first night they met.

they've known each other no longer than a week. hung out only once. she's "liking" all of his status' on Facebook. commenting all of his status' on Facebook. and now their going to duluth with each other this week. I messaged him and asked him about it. he told me he wouldn't do anything with her. but it still has me worried. I trust him and all but. gah. I don't know. something about her

should I be worried? what do you guys think?


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  • I think he's going to have sex with her. She obviously wants to. And he knows and yet is still going to deluth with her.


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  • I would definitely be worried if I was in that situation. Guys are guys, they do stupid things. They are horrible at keeping their priorities straight, so while he may really like you, this new girl may be enough of a distraction to make him stray away from you. But if you tell him aggressively that you don't want him to go on the trip, he can make you seem like the bad guy by making him feel "trapped" or whatever. Just tell him that he means a lot to you, the relationship means a lot to you, and you'd hate to see it ruined by some stupid girl. Hope this helps! Good luck :)

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