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Me and my boyfriend of 5 months haven't been so for each other for the past two weeks and I found out he hung out and talked to his old friend behind my back and when I asked him about it he lied and said he didn't like her like that but then we hung up on the fine and he texted me saying he does like her and I said we need a break. He said he'd fix everything someday but then he started dating her like a day after and I was so upset I cried for four days. I went to his house when he wasn't their to talk to him and his new girlfriend told me on fb to leave him alone because he's liked her for awhile and he's been sick of me. I think he's just confused but this last month in our relationship was a slow burn to a break up.

If I called the "break" does that mean I'm the one who broke up with him?


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  • He sounds like a looser ... and not worth that waste of water from those tears lost from 4 nights of crying... Write a list now of everything good about him verses the bad bits and through time you'l heal by seeing him and this situation for what it is!

    Yes; you did suggest a break; but that doesn't mean you are the one that actually broke it up? He was sooooo quick to find the first chance out of it you gave him = VERY WEAK MAN ! and good for you anyway because by the sounds of it you did yourself a favour and shouldn't regret expressing what your'e not comfortable with !

    Good-luck (as in the 'friend he's with now as she's the sucker now (lol) and you'l be fine! Chin up!


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  • No. He actually left you for someone else. Cheer up. It means he doesn't deserve you. If his ex was so good, why did they break up?


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