Does she want to do somthing? or was it just that night?

so I went to a bar/club the other night (mostly older crowd) I'm 21 and was talking to this girl who's 26 for a while about 30-40 min, I guess she was interested,

anyways we talked for a good while went back and fourth with the"so what are you doing later, I don't know what about you" thing and ended up her ride was waiting for her so I said well how about I give you my number and if you want to call or not is completed up to you and rite after that she called me so that I would have her number and mentioned something about me calling her later.

i sent her a text yesterday and didn't get anything back, should I wait a few days and call and see if she wants to get dinner or something? or was she probably thinking why was I talking to a guy that young and won't answer if I call/text again?

thanks in advance for any help!

well sent her a text and she said yes to getting coffee, now I just have to have some balls/not be nervous. and figure out how to not make the age difference weird

I'm guessing its more of a concern for here since she's the older one?


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  • Well, there are several reasons as to why she didn't respond to your text. Texting isn't completely reliable because the text doesn't always go through, or she may have read your text and meant to respond and then honestly forgot, and etc.

    I say just wait a few days and call her, if she doesn't answer leave a casual voicemail. Don't ask to get dinner, that might be too much too fast. Just ask if she wants to get coffee or something simple. If she doesn't call you back, then there's your answer.

    Good luck! :)

  • Actually, she might not even see the age difference as a problem. If she has agreed to getting coffee, then obviously she is interested in you. And it's not like she's 28 and you're 17. I know people that are in serious relationships that have an even bigger age difference than you two have. It shouldn't be a big deal, don't stress on it.

    • Well lol I'm guessing she is 26... lol when I meet neither of us said how old we are, she asked me and I asked her and neither of us would say lol but she looks about 26

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