What's your views on dating black girls?

like guys have different views, but a lot are the same and negative.

what are the views for black Asian Indian Mexican white etc,you get the point.

be honest:]


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  • For me I don't care the initial triggers for everyone are different but after the typical pig guy stuff the things I care about are the eyes and hair and smile. Give me a martian with some nice eyes a cute smile and some nice hair over that green skin and I'll be talking to her. Of course you could be smoking hot and an airhead and my interest will be gone quick.

    But hey that's just me I'm sure some people will totally disagree and wouldn't give my martian girl the time of day.


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  • Racism is so 1990.

    2010 hurray for interracial dating.

    My relationships never work with other races though

    Ive been with 2 white and 1 black about 3 asians

    But it's too early to say that there's no hope since I was only 16-18 back then ,and I'm 19 now

    But it's also too late because I've settled down with my asian girlfriend of 2 years ( not that we're married, but I just know its going to take A LOT for this relationship to not work, so basically married lol)

    I've always wondered though, I'm pretty sure I could've made it work

    GOOD LOVE! if you're trying to date another race ;) may cupid be with you.

  • I don't really have any views, since I don't date someone by the color of their skin. If she likes me, and I like her, I don't see a problem.

  • Colored girls are beautiful and have an intimate touch of color in the right spots :-) , that very few white girls have. I love a femme of color..


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