Would you hang out with me if...?

Let's first suppose that you as a girl like me. I am not a dashing tall handsome guy but lets suppose you like to hang out with me. I can make you laugh, I can listen to you for hours and I can be very caring.

Now, suppose you find out that I have certain habits. For instance, I like to be very clean. I keep my feet clean and smooth. I dislike hair at certain areas so I shave under my arms and "down".

Would you still hang out with me?


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  • Well my closest guy friend has ADHD and is easily distracted and has a habit of singing at the top of his lungs (no tune) while I'm driving and gives me the fright of my life, my other guy friend married a 16 year old, and I have a list of other habits my guy friends have but you sound like a dream! I would definitely hang out with you. As long as you don't get all weird and think we're dating and feel rejected because I speak to my other guy friends and you look at me like you're taking my clothes off. Then I'm cool! But yeah everyone has habits and flaws. It's very shallow for someone to not want to hang out with you because of a habit and only want to accept you if you're perfect because hey no one is perfect! I prefer a guy that makes me laugh and cares about me over a guy who has no flaws because that is a flaw in itself! Habits and flaws make life more interesting!

    • Thank you for a very detailed and great answer. My purpose was only to see if some of my habits are a very clear turnoff because I read or hear in so many places that such guys are nor very appealing although all I see them are some habits to feel clean. Anyway, your response is much appreciated.

  • if I genuinely like you, I would hang out with you..but if your weird and kinda freaky in person, I won't- sorry for the brutal honesty; but I love a guy who can make me laugh, and if your caring why wouldn't I like you?


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