Should I date a girl who is 17??

i am 26 and I met this girl she is 17. we like each other very much, should I stop dating her since she is only 17?


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  • I think if you two really like eachother, go on and date.

    Just you know watch how you treat her.

    I'm 17 and am with a 20 year old.

    It's sad that I can't see him as much as I would like though, since of the age differences, society has been a bitch to me.

    But I tend to look at the bright side of it, when I'm 18 nothing will keep me from him.

    • Trust society bitch on me all the time.

      happy american day

    • We're on the same page

      Samesys (saw fireworks but it would've been way different with him there)

      Wish you luck with her = )

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  • Age is just a number. Its just a matter of how mature she is. When she's 18 you won't have a problem with society. Ride it out.

  • You should really wait till she's 18 so she'll be the leagal age and no problem then.

    • Legal age depends on what the age of consent is and where you are. In the U.S. she would most likely be legal at 17 since only a handful of states have the consent age at 18.

    • In that case screw it and go with her if you do like each other just be careful with her parents and concider them..

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  • Nobody can say yes or no, except you, her, and potentially her parents, and so forth. If you can make it work, maintain a happy relationship until she is 18. The age of legal consent is jurisdictional, but regardless, the parents have a say until she is moved out. I assume she lives with her folks, so the roof over her head, and food is all dependent on how they feel about what she is doing in her life. I am sure these are things that you have already thought about, but I would hate to hear that your relationship went south, and because of her age, along with yours, you paid a dear price for this relationship! Fortunately you both like each other, and hopefully you will never deal with the legal issues that this brings up. But, good luck with the differences in state of mind! If it makes you happy, go for it.

  • You're getting great answers here. I can only add that when you're 36 she'll be 27 and age won't amount to much.

  • It depends on how mature she is!

    If she is very mature I don't see that much of a problem.

    Although often these relationships don't work out well you should give it a try

    hope I could help