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Getting braces, jaw surgery, dental implants - worth it at 23?

I'm thinking of getting braces. I have pretty crooked teeth with wide gaps inbetween them (I'm missing two of my upper front teeth, hence the gaps). All this can be fixed, but it involves wearing braces for at least three years, getting two implants and at the end of it all, a jaw surgery to bring my lower jaw forward. Also, as a preparation for the surgery, they will first have to create a large overbite on my teeth (the surgery would fix the overbite though).
However, this way I could eventually get rid of my biggest insecurity. I like the idea of being able to smile with my teeth showing and not feel embarassed about it. It would also make my profile look a lot more balanced.
The thing is, I've never been in any kind of romantic relationship in my life (I haven't even kissed a girl yet) and I feel that I may be missing out on something. I'm hoping that maybe I could stand better chances after I'm done with my treatment, but first I would have to spend about three years in braces, with huge gaps between my teeth and an overjet that only keeps getting bigger - not something that would make me very handsome dude. Also, I will be 27 before I'm done with my treatment, which might be a little late to finally start dating.
I'm not sure whether or not to go for it. I can keep my teeth as they are now, they may not look very good but they work mostly fine. I realise that looks aren't everything and I don't want to be the kind of guy who obsessed over his looks, hoping that improving his appearance will suddenly make all his problems go away. Not to mention the risk of possible complications (implants fail sometimes and a jaw surgery is no joke). On the other hand, I believe that change won't come without me taking the initiative and if I don't get my teeth and jaws fixed now, I will probably regret it in five years - just like I now regret not getting it done five years ago already.
Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Your opinion would be much appreciated.
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Thanks everyone for your opinions. I finally got braces this morning.
Getting braces, jaw surgery, dental implants - worth it at 23?
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