Do I really want to ask her out?

I like this girl who I haven't seen in awhile and I think she likes me cause she prank calls me and chats on Facebook, but my problem is giving up my good life I have now of being single. Usually the girls I don't like ask me out, so I was wondering if I should ask her out and give up the simple fun single life, and if I do ask her out, how should I do it?


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  • maybe this is answer has no relevance anymore, but...

    i think you are right in that she probably likes you. regardless of what you decide, you should at least address the issue and attempt to make it less awkward (especially if you choose not to ask her out). she probably isn't going to bring it up and is hoping you will.

    if you do decide to ask her...i am not really sure, but would definitely depend on if you will be seeing her soon-ish (you said you hasn't seen her in this a you both aren't in the same area, or just not hanging out recently). if you aren't going to see her for a bit, but want to address it, a phone call would probably make her day, if that is the route you decide to go.

    the choice between the two is really up to you. don't just go out with her to go out with her though.

    good luck deciding!


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  • what ever happened?

  • What happened

  • several questions to ask yourself

    1. which do you like more? this girl, or being single?

    2. what do you have to lose by asking her? especially if you two haven't been seeing each other in person recently.

    if she does like you, she won't be around forever. she'll move on eventually. so don't wait too long to ask her if that is what you decide!


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