Is it impossible for some guys to be even noticed by girls?

I'm 26 years old, I'm only 5'5" and about 150lbs, so I'm not very big but not really skinny either. I feel like I don't have enough of a physical presence for women to notice me. I know I don't have to be 6' tall but I'm always the shortest and smallest guy in the room, even kids like 16 years old are bigger than me. I always hear women like how a guy carries himself and stands tall, but I constantly feel like girls just have to glance at me, notice how small I am, and are turned off by it. I mean, I don't see how any girl could be physically attracted to a guy smaller than every other guy his age.

I know girls like to feel protected and safe with a guy, so how can I show I can do that when every guy and even many girls tower over me? I feel like it's impossible for me to have any of that kind of raw, physical attraction girls feel when they see a 'hot' or 'cute' guy.

I also always hear that girls can tell very quickly (seconds) from noticing a guy whether they are attracted to them; and I feel like the first thing girls notice about me is that I'm short...


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  • I don't like tall guys. Sure a tall guy can be hot but I am attracted to shorter men. I'm only 5 foot myself and I've dated a 6 foot tall guy before, it's really awkward. You don't have to be tall to be a protector by any means either, your height says nothing about how strong you are. I know ten year olds that are bigger than me lol. My husband is only about 3 inches taller than yourself and weighs about 20lbs more if that helps at all. Taller girls will probably like taller men just because again its awkward to have your boyfriend be shorter than you, just as it is for them to be way taller. You just have to find the right girl.


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  • lol probably have a small penis too eh