Why is he doing this to me? What should I do?

Okay I like this guy which I recently met about 5 days ago. We have so much in common. And he shows interests in the things I do and like. Whenever we talk online, he always talks to me, tries to make me laugh, introduce me to listen to bands I might like.

I like him. He knew that I like him because his schoolmates told him so I feel kinda embarassed about it.

So on the third day, we hung out and it was sort of a disaster. There were long moments of silence and sometimes he would walk far apart from me and sometimes very near to me which is kinda weird.

He seemed very nervous and he keeps looking/glancing at me.

And it was kinda my fault that I made the outing disastrous because I always showed signs of boredom and disinterest.

After the outing, he didn't talk to me much. His replies got shorter. And he seemed a bit upset for some reason. Can anyone tell me what happened? Why is he doing this to me? And what should I do?!?!?!?!


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  • Don't worry much kid. Once in a while you'll have an awkward encounter or two. But you know the thing you should do is kind of go up to the guy and tell him that your sorry if the "date" you had was so awkward but that you acted that way because you like him and was kind of nervous about if he would feel the same way. This while clear the way for opportunity as he might of been bit shy too. May God empower you .

  • Hi,u just told us the way he gave you response but the main thing is.that should be ur first date and due to this he feels that if he approaches you for some hot stuff than might be you will give him wrong answer according to him so that's why he is nervous and thinking for same and now he wants you to ask for the problem and when you compel him for the same,he will be normal guy as you got.so I suggest you to open ur eyes and understand the situation and than reply him.Apart from them he is alright nothing to worry.Take care


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