Did anyone have a first kiss like this?

Did anyone have a first kiss in which you went in to suddenly kiss the other person just out of the blue (or if you weren't the one going in, you were receiving it). I was wondering if that kiss went well or was uncomfortable because it was so sudden? I am considering doing this with my girlfriend who I have been dating for close a little over 3 weeks. This would be both of our first kisses ever as we are the first people that either of us have gone out with.


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  • Nope that has never happened to me, but I personally would love it if that's how my boyfriend decided to kiss me the first time. It's really cute and sweet


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  • i always just go for it. I don't find it attractive to have to wait for permission to kiss a girl if there is chemistry between us. first kiss with my current girlfriend was on the first date. I took her to dinner and there was definate chemistry. after we finished when the valet came with my car, I went to oen the door for her, ane jumped in front of her, held her hand and caresed the back of her arm and went in and kissed her. she liked it and the feeling was mutual.

    its always better to go in for the kiss on your accord, just don't go in expected a toungue wrestling p*rno kiss; just close your eyes ane give her a soft silent one ;-)

    • What if I'm not sure if she is ready to be kissed though? I'm afraid I may freak her out in doing so.

    • You've been dating for almost 3 weeks? so I'm assuming about 3 dates? You should be able to gauge if there is some physical attraction between the two of you. I think you're just nervous and reading to much into her. The heart wants what the heart wants, and if you wanna smooch her, then go for it! Be her man :-)