I've never kissed a guy

there is this guy I like and I really want to just be super flirtatious and kiss him then walk away to leave him wondering thing is I've never kissed a guy before and I don't want it coming out sloppy or awkward what do I do I was thinking of getting a little tipsy so I won't be nervous and just go for it but I kinda don't want to do that so any advice


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  • ask him if he wants to go do something sometime. like maybe see a new movie or the mall.

    if its a movie when your watching it and anything 'romantic happens' look at him and if he looks at him smile. he may go in and try kissing you.

    if he doesn't try to kiss him when he looks at you next time.

    but maybe you go to the mall. after you're leaving tell him you had an awesome time! and maybe kiss him on the cheek,. next time you may get him to kiss you or you might kiss him on the lips next time.

    hope this helps.


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  • Trust me when I say no one at your age is actually good at kissing. It may feel great because you love that person and love being close to them, but the physical act of kissing isn't going to be that great until you get to about 20.

    Being tipsy isn't going to help, so just leave that out of it. If you rely on that to calm your nerves than you might build a bad habit whenever you want to kiss a guy.

    Have you even gone out with this guy? From what you said it sounds like it's just this guy you know that you like and you want to kiss him to get his attention. A kiss isn't really an opening to get to know people more.

    • We know each other and I know he likes me the thing is were both incredibly shy so I was wondering what I could do to leave him wondering and kinda tease him a little and how do you know how old I am I want to get to know him but he really flirts with me with his eyes a lot so I've decided what the hell why not surprise him it's nothing serious just to leave him in awe

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    • You: Hey have you heard about that new movie that came out?

      Him: Yea/No blablabla told me it was really good/bad

      You: I don't know but I'm just dying to see it.

      Him: Yea me too

      If he still doesn't get it by then suggest if he would want to go see it with you.

      Maybe your not too keen on being the one to start the first date so if your lucky he might "get it" by the time you say "Oh I'm dieing to see that." if he's retarded he'll stand there like a rock and keep saying "yea."

    • Thanks for the advice but starting off by insulting me was so not the way to go, and wtf have I ever used a period in my life um thanks but it was just a question on a website I'm not turning in a college essay ok you don't have to be rude, your advice was cool but you should learn some respect. Is that period good enough for you?

  • Walk up, talk, lean in, kiss.

  • just give them a peck on the lips(I'm not gay) just talk for a while and when he doesn't expect it kiss him I think the long peck type kiss is more loving then a french kiss.


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  • just go for it. don't start off to strong just give him a little to make him wonder, everyone is going to be a perfect kisser when they start out but just get a little guts, if drinks brings it out go for it just don't drink too much

    the sloppiest kisses come from though!

  • Just go for it. Let him lead you and go with the flow. I was really nervous with my first kiss and I thought I be horrible.But I think once you do it, It just happens. If you want practice on your hand before hand read a few magazines get some tips. I promise you'll be great.

  • you kinda sound like me

    i think having something to drink helps you loosen up and gives you an excuse

    but I just kissed him w/o anything

    makes you feel better that you had the guts to do it

    and don't worry that you've never kissed anyone

    its natural don't worry!

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