Will he call back if he loves me?

My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago cos he couldn't trust me as I am friends with my ex (I only phoned him once and haven't seen him for months). My boyfriend said he loves me still but couldn't be friends with me cos it hurts him knowing I might get a new guy in my life but I only want him cos I love him. He also said he felt bad wanting me to break my friendship with my ex and didn't want to be the overprotective boyfriend so he ended the relationship after 2 years. I texted him saying I have deleted my ex's number off my phone...but I haven't heard from him and he isn't replying to my texts or calls. When will he call back and how much space should I give him?


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  • First off, I want to say that you are definantly not going through this alone. I went through this same exact thing a couple of months ago. So for right now, I'm just speaking on experience.

    My then boyfriend and I had broken up because he lost his trust and faith with me. He didn't like the crowd I was hanging out with because in the past, he was involved with a similiar crowd and soon came to realize that it just wasn't for him.

    If he says he still loves you, he means it. Don't ever think for a second that he doesn't. But at this point, he feels like he made the right decision to let you go.

    As for the friendship, most people that have been in past relationships with each other don't want to remain friends because of the fact that they just might be with someone else. He's not trying to hurt you more, he is just protecting himself.

    But texting him and telling him that you have deleted your ex's phone number out of your phone wasn't the best thing to do.

    You're in the no contact zone right now. Find an activity to do for the time being to get your mind off of him. Hang out with some girl friends, spa...anything!

    And for the honest truth, sometimes they don't call back. Sometimes they just don't want to get back together. And that's just something that us women have to accept. But don't worry, there's plenty of guys out there. And if you're still saying "he's the one I want," then you're just not ready to get back out into the dating scene.


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  • Hey sorry to hear about that its so hard but look you'l get through it. "My boyfriend said he loves me still but couldn't be friends with me cos it hurts him knowing I might get a new guy in my life but I only want him cos I love him" , I hate to say it but he's feeding you bull he doesn't have the balls to break up with you for the real reason that's why he says he doesn't want to see you with a new guy not your ex. He trusts you and he still cares about you a lot but he doesn't want to be with you anymore. My ex dumped me and said the same thing bout not wanting to see me with new guys its because he still cares about you and wants to move on but doesn't want you to move on. He wants you to be waiting for him in case he changes his mind guys are possesive like that. Give him all the space in the world don't ring/call/text/ anything let him come to you if a guy really loves a girl he will move mountains to be with her remember that if he doesn't he's not worth your while. I know you love him and its easier said then done but you'v already text him and he isn't replyong leave it at that for now at least ontill you see things more clearly and believe me you will time apart will give you both all the answers. Hope this helps :)

  • u should not need to give any more space to him.. just go and try to bring him back with your efforts, do excuses for whatever you have done with him and also make him realize that how much you love him and need him in your life! also make him realize his importance for you which must b more than your ex-boyfriend! And for the next time, never ever let him feel that he has not more importance than anything or anybody else in your life.. Best of LUCK! :)

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