What does it mean when a guy texts you that he likes you but was drunk?

This guy texted me on his birthday. We started to text back and forth and by the end of the night he was calling me princess and telling me that he really likes me and can't wait to see me. The next day his friend told me that he was totally wasted that night. I then texted him to ask him if he remembered and he said yes he did and called me princess again. He hasn't text me since then. So confusing?


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  • I think DBLOVESJP is onto something-that "Dutch Courage" inspired by alcohol may have given this guy the cojones so to speak to state his feelings but having come out of it has perhaps realised his shyness or indecision on what needs to be done. I would say pursue the issue and ask him point-blank whether he is interested or not; but you must make assurances also that he won't be rendered completely vulnerable in doing so.

    • Btw, he is really cocky because he is really good looking. That's why he's soo confusing cause you can't really say he's shy.. what do you guys think? Should I stay away? maybe he's just trying to play me.

    • Confront the issue and go by your instincts-but if what you say is true it could be a ruse. Just be cautious.

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  • I too am a drunk texter, unfortunately. So I know that when I text a girl something it is always true. They are things I would never say sober, but being drunk give the confidence boost. You should make the next social move because he is obviously too embarrassed.

    • Thanks guys, I guess I just got confused because he had stopped texting me. We actually spoke on the phone for about 2 minutes and it was kind of awkward.... he asked me who I was and I played it of as a joke and said it's your princess... and he was like who's that?...I felt like such a loser and I handed the phone to his friend. I guess what I should really ask him was how many princesses does he have. What the hell should I think?

  • I think the fact that he was drunk just gave him enough courage to tell you that he he likes you. I'm sure he does like you, so don't be confused, the alcohol just gave him enough courage to tell you when he normally wouldn't have the courage :)


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