Why would someone be mad at you for wanting to hang out... (or just for thinking you did)

i know about people not wanting to do something OK fine don't do do it. Why be mad because you want to, or just because they think you want to...without even asking u.

this guy that I have known 3 years. we dated briefly &i walked away because my life was really complicated in a way I could not explain to him & if things did not work I wanted to chose the reason or be the on e to break it up I guess-- yes I know inconsiderate & immature ..i was at a strange placer in my life and I did not trust anyone & I did not want to meet him but I did and I thought I owe it to I don't know me or him to give it a try , I tried it did not work for me, so I left with no explanation.

it has taken me 3 years to get him to talk to Mr again & I thought past was past & a few months ago I had asked him to hang out because even tho we had been talking for a year he did most of it , I was still guarded & I did not want him to take it personally...he has invited Mr to his place and out and I had ton leave so tats why I asked him out- in addition to not really talking the rest of the year.

anyways one night I was at his place& he got mad ...he started off saying tat I think too much...then he said he never lot feelings for me but I ignored him so he could not tell me...THEN he said he would have hung out with me but I was wanting ton do something all the time

i don't understand the sequence & I do not know why he is mad & I certainly do not see why he would raise something from 3 months ago that I can't change ..raising 3 years ago I could understand better because I walked out..but raising 3 months ago , getting mad that I wanted to hang out , when we DID hang out way more then I expected to...i thought we would hang out a few times but its been daily for 2 months since he got mad...now he just got mad about again-- what gives?

(possible reason? )

The only thing I can think of, is if he thought I wanted something that he could not or did not want, it caused him to resent me for 'making him feel guilty' . because if he thought I wanted to hang out & he was tired or something he might feel incompetent or shallow or in considerate - idk...

but w/e the emotional reaction he had to it, why get mad now* when I was not even saying anything about- I was not mad or complaining or even thinking about it...it was like a fake apology, just so he had raised a thing he could get mad about , & kit was something I was not even thinking about , not to mention, not even inherently evil... lol I asked him to see a movie 3 times 6 months in between each other ?

& he does not act crazy in general..he is usually very normal & he is very intelligent , so do;t just say he's nuts-- anyways even crazy people have a reason for doing what they do...what makes them crazy is only that they do things differently or that they respond to things differently then most other people-- the ACT or REASON can be the same.


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  • if you broke up, maybe he's trying to move on and you showing up isn't helping and he assumes you are doing it deliberately either to get back together or to create trouble for him trying to meet other women

    • We did not break up

      never officially together, tho we did see each other for a bit, I stopped talking 2 him accidentally

      no lol the REASON I asked was to make up for him asking me out & I had 2 leave..

      & I would not have asked if we had not beengetting along well..I just want a to hang out , without being a jerk ..Its hard to talk to him sometimes, so I'm trying to make it easier

      If he wants 2 see other people- I am not stopping him..he spends 5 hours a day w/me I don't make him- he is free.

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