The frog prince?

Not literally of course, but I'm wondering if girls believe in the idea behind this story...that sometimes if you kiss a frog, he'll turn into a prince?

Or are all princes born as princes?

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So I purposely left what it means to be a "frog" as ambiguous, to see how most would interpret that.

Seem a lot of you ladies think of the frog as a "jerk".

I was thinking of the frog more as being an unassuming "nice guy" who maybe seems a bit boring or shy or awkward, just doesn't seem at first like a prince. Maybe he has some self-esteem issues from thinking of himself as a small green slimy creature.


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  • OF course not literally, but yes many women I know plus myself do. Women are often raised believing they'll find prince charming (a guy who will love them and make them happy). In my case I often find myself putting aside their froggy side="bad things" even if those things are really bad like my recent dont-work/or school/jerky/party all the time kinda guy. I knew all this beforehand and somehow I managed to get involved with him. My theory is because somehow the frog-prince story is stuck somewhere in our heads that deep down wee think no matter how bad the guy/situation is, we will somehow find our happy ending! :/


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  • Yeah women really do believe this but unfortunately by "frog" it means "jerk".

    Women always think they can change a cheating, lying, self centered guy into a prince of a man that all her friends will be jealous off. But she usually just ends up with warts that she has to get medication for at the free clinic...oh and a broken heart.

    • Regarding the update, I knew you meant nice guy. Women tend to see a hidden prince in men who don't have it in them. They look at terrible men and think that their love can make him better and end up with broken hearts. Most women don't look at nice guys and think he needs changing.

      But if you meet a nice guy and get to know him, then you can definitely see him as your prince. So yeah we know you can't always judge a book by it's cover.

  • I agree with it. All guys can be princes, they just need a chance

  • Frog could be a jerk... or it could be a genuin nice guy that at first seems a little dull. But really, I belive anyguy can change for the right girl. End of. Or maybe a better way of putting it is that they will either wanna change for the girl *on the jerk side* or just be accepted and loved for who they are anyway. And that can change a person loads. :) ... yer nyway my opinion :)

  • Giving someone a chance is always worth it. You just need to know when to give up if they aren't that prince.

  • Some girls like frogs...And some princes are frogs, and some frogs are princes...

  • no one is that stupid comeon


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