Is it bad to text more than you talk?

I've been going back and forth with a guy on a dating site for about a week or so. We exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone making plans to meet up and we texted until we did meet, and still do. We don't do simple, short texts or sexually explicit texts. All his messages and texts are sweet, and he was really sweet and affectionate in person. We are planning our next date right now.

Is it bad to text more than you talk? I think it would be bad if we barely did anything at all, and in a way texting take the pressure off of me trying to make interesting convo and I hate my voice. I feel the more we date the more stuff/history we can have to discuss.

Anyway, I just wanted some opinions on it...I just had to ask (I really like this guy and I've been single for years, so I'm freaking out about things going right...)


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  • I think its cool to text. Sometimes a phone call seems a little more personal though. Their have definitely been times where my texts are messing up letter wise and I'm like forget this! haha I'm just going to call. texting gives you a few minutes to think of something funny to say also if you don't have a super quick wit. although sometimes texts can build anxiety in people like they are waiting for a response back even though all that was needed to be said was said. Basically yeah its ok, maybe mix it up a little though. Sometimes a joke isn't taken as a joke in word form when talking you would have clearly understood where the comment was coming from.

  • Yea talking on the phone makes life inconvenient if its at night and yall are about to go to bed or whatever then its chill but if not then texting more than gets the job done my wife and I text all day only time we call each other is when we can't text like when driving or whenever I'm away and she's getting ready for bed.


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