Why most girls are jerks?

It seems that no one notice, but girls are jerks.

- Like those girls that don't return calls

- Don't text back

- Don't show up to dates

- They ignore guys when they talk to them

At least tell them to f*** off but don't be such a di ck

- Make up fights to feel good about themselves

- Act as if sex is such big deal, they say stuff like "he just used me for sex" as if girls don't like sex too

- They make guys work for sex just to feel superior, they are not really doing it because they don't trust the guy

- They take advantage of guys that are gentleman

- They make fun of guys that like them, they say oh how cute, when they are really saying oh what a loser

I can keep going forever. .


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  • Well... I stopped relying to a guy's texts because he was creeping me out. That's all I've ever done.

    • What did he said?

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    • Sounds like a lie.

    • Lol, think whatever you want to.

  • you sound like more of a jerk because you're saying that there is nothing wrong w. a guy using a girl for sex because girls like sex too. yeah but most people don't like being led on and manipulated. make sure both of you are on the same terms before you have sex. don't be sleeping with 3 girls at a time but telling one that you're really into her and you care.

    what is wrong with making a guy work to have sex? should they all spread their legs at the count of 3? I am def one of those girls because I value my body a lot more than to just sleep with any guy who pays attention to me

    you're going after the wrong girls. it seems as if you are pursuing girls who are somewhat emotionally unavailable and don't treat you kindly, and then when you have a bad experience you want to blame an entire gender for it. try to evaluate a girl's personality and how she treats people before you fall for her instead of just basing it on "she's hot. must get date"

    • I said most girls. the ugly ones are usually good girls. Not all girls are jerks.

      And guys don't use girls for sex, that's girls' bush*t.

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    • And when a girl makes a guy work for sex she is a prostitute.

    • You have a pretty sh*tty attitude towards women and sexuality, that might be why you're constantly running into negative girls.

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