What was this a fling or something more?

Well pretty much, I starting dating this guys that iv met about 10 years ago, we never hung out, just was part of the group you know...

Well years later, we comes over to my house to hang out with my brother, and well we kinda clicked right away, and from that night on we were together! Every night he spent with me. [I work morning\afternoons] called me about twice a day just to hear my voice, text me that he wishes I wasn't working and has with him with his arm around me, every day off I had we did something! Adventures too not just sitting at home all the time, he took me back to our home town saw old friends, took me to places iv been meaning to go! I had fun with him and it was as easy as breathing there was no trying we just worked. Not one fight no worrying, no jealousy, no bitching, no smothering, nothing not one problem Everything was great... everyone said to watch out that he was falling hard for me[not to in to the whole love thing in this part of my life right now], that he looked like he was crazy about me, the way he looked at me made my friend want to find love again even...

But he was leaving for Kuwait for 4 months for work and to see family! I knew he was gonna leave, we got together a month and a half before he had to leave. And I was ready for it, but I wasn't ready for this...

First its we stay together when he leaves and he is telling me that before me he was counting down the days till he left and he just wanting to go asap. But now that he has me he is hating that the days pass so fast and want to delay his trip..., then couple days later its, we split up when he's to Kuwait and pick things up when he gets back, then its we'll become more serious WHEN he does get back, then all the f***ing sudden 5 days before he leaves, he's not gonna be able to give me the time I deserve when he gets back cause of school and work... I mean wtf.

But then still spends the day with me and stays the last nights with me and I even go to the hotel with him his last night and go to the airport with him in the morning ... and he took like 20 min to say bye to me, and says he's gonna miss me more then he thought, and is gonna miss me up against him at night! And then is writing me couple times a week now and even calling me.. And is telling me he can't wait to get back and have great times again!

What should I think?

will we be together when he comes back or not?

Is he pulling away cause we were getting close or am I getting played and being used for sex before a long trip to Kuwait the no marriage no sex country?

Please some one give me anything...


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  • This is definitely going to be tricky to answer. Well I can understand what he's trying to do cause, if he's all like lovey dovey all over you till the day he leaves, he's gonna like die missing you ): well this is coming from a guy's point of view. If you can get a hold of him in kuwait you two can like skype or some sort. If that works out, you two will have to be paitent is see what happens. Personally what he said before he left, its something what I would do too


What Girls Said 1

  • i also think that he could have serious feeling for you but is scared while he is away that you may find someone else and may not be able to handle that hence why he says he won't have time for you when he gets back. I personally would take it by day with him he does seem confused but I would think it means he is just nervous of what is going to happen while he is gone. I don't know how long he is going for but maybe if you say something like you wanna wait for him until he gets back then he may change what he was first saying about not having time. I am not sure what communication measures you guys can use but if he doesn't accept to you waiting for him I would move on and when he comes back if he contacts you again take it slow to make sure its for the right reasons.

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