Very confused after first date...Help!

The date went well. Now I really like him.12 days since the last date and now what happens.? I have seen him two times since, at school. He seems more attentive than before, but hasn't called or invited me anywhere. Am I wanting things too soon? Is he not interested and Should I try to forget him now? What is a guy thinking at this point. ?

I forgot to say we have been friends for a long time. this was our fist date though. guys don't like girls to chase them. do they? I'm not comfortable asking him out.but I really really like him. :o)


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  • You mention school in your question. I assume you're both in college. Maybe he is in a tough class and can't make time right now. Lot's of summer courses at my college fit into two categories, either freshmen basics, or super hard, intensive style lecture and test series.

    The second possibility is that he is just playing the field, casually dating women he meets at school and nothing more.

    The third is that he likes you, but he's not interested in anything more with you specifically. That could be for any reason.

    I would suggest that while dating men in college, don't get attached, at least not quickly, and take things at face value. Most guys in college, no matter their age are figuring something out, and it's not necessarily their class load. Good luck!


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  • That maybe you should take some initiative as well. That's what he's thinking. He's thinking I took her out on a date, now it's her turn to initiate. I personally think it's a test to see if it's a one way relationship, and how much you care. If you walk now, you showed him you really do care. Initiate, call him, set something up when you bump into him in school, take him aside and say Hey I was thinking, you open this weekend or something? There you go. Good luck.

    • Some guys don't like to be asked out right?

    • Not so true. Some demand it. Some won't ever even ask you or make a move, maybe because they don't have to, maybe they have girls that are willing to come up and say, "hey what's up later, you busy?" I know I'm that way, I simply don't approach females. More often then not, the guy like that is thinking, if she wants me bad enough she'll come up to me and show me she's interested as well. If she doesn't I usually take it as disinterest, and never say a word, and move on.

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  • Have you tried asking him to go somewhere with you? Maybe he wants to see a bit more interest on your part. Did you tell him what a good time you had and how you can't wait to go out again?

    • I did tell him thanks and I had a good time. I should invite him to things I guess. I used to (we have been friends for long time) but he nver went so I gave up. Now things seem to be changing a bit I will try again. thanks

  • It could be that he's thinking the same thing as you are. What do you mean he's more attentive? Have you talked to him?

    • Hi I mean that he talks to me more than before, He emailed me about something he normally didn't do that. That's what I mean by more attentive. What do you think?

    • Then it sounds like things are going smoothly. Why not ask him out somewhere fun. You go to school with him right you can ask him to be your tutor on a subject even if you're doing well. Good luck.