Would you tell your rebound girl that you're really into her?

if you let her know that you really like her and ask her what she thinks of you/where this is going, does that mean you like her? or is it just BS and she's still just a rebound? this guy is still talking to his ex, he says it's over but they still see each other because they're "friends" now... but he also says he wants me... am I the rebound girl or do I have a chance?


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  • Yes. Yes I would. I am completely straightforward with people. And if you never are straightforward. You might never know. I personally would never treat a girl as if she's a rebound. No one should date if they aren't over there ex. Some guys use girls. Some don't. If you think you are a rebound then ask him " Am I just rebound to you, or is this serious ". I'm sure you would get an answer. Have a nice day. Hope this helped.

    • Thank you. but what if he likes both me and the ex? would you stick around and try to make it work with the new girl, or keep talking to your ex?

    • There would be a reason I left my ex. I would like to start fresh. Don't mess with something that's not a sure thing.

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  • Rebound. No chance. Sorry.


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