Should I just suggest a date to him?

So 2 1/2 weeks ago I met this guy @ the bar. It wasn't totally random because my friend went to meet up with his friend. So we had a good time that night. I found someone who I think I could get along with very easily. We exchanged #'s and he did text me 2 days later. We've been texting here and there for the past 2 1/2 weeks.I had text him Saturday afternoon telling him I was going out that night and he should come out. He wasn't in town but said he definitely wanted to see me soon and so I told him to get a hold of me this week. He asked when I was free and I let him know. So, I am wondering... should I wait for him to text me or should I say something to him tomorrow? If so, what do I say? Tomorrow will be 4 days since we spoke. I am all about relationships being 50/50 and I don't play games. He doesn't seem like the type either. I am just getting discouraged that it's been almost 3 weeks and I haven't been on a date with him. I need advice. All my friends say wait to hear from him so you don't seem pushy/let him chase you/etc. which I can totally understand but at the same time none of them have any successful relationships going on so I am hesitant to follow all of their advice. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Also, the week before he had text me Friday night and then Saturday afternoon about how we should meet up that night. Unfortunately, we were unable to. So I feel like he wants to see me like I want to so him but why won't he suggest a day & time?!


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  • Yyes, suggest it.


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