Why do guys sometimes tell girls that she's too good for him?

thats one of the things that bothers me.

if I really was too good for you, I wouldn't be with you now would i.

so why even bring it up?


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  • normally I won't say such a thing,if I say it id be making a mockery out her and she don't know it,or I just wanna see how damn stuck up she can be,i sometimes test people to see if they appreciate me or not,like when I say ur too good for me,i expect the girl to say no I'm not you deserve better,that means she is smart and appreciates me,if she doesn't say that,then I know she is another notch on my belt,another girl another day,then I would know how to treat a snarky arrogant biiiittttccchhh :) lol you like ur answer? but that's only me,some other losers may mean what they say,i never meant anything I said in my life unless for my mom when I tell her how much I love her lol lol


What Girls Said 1

  • It is a sign of insecurity on the guy's part. A lot of times when I have gotten this it is referring to how successful I am. I am really smart and self-sufficient and and financially independent, and that can be threatening to a lot of guys at this age. Find a guy that is man enough for you and proud to have won the heart of such an awesome woman, not some guy who uses that as an excuse.

    • Thank you so much

      that was very helpful

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