Tall girls, do you like dating (much) shorter guys?

I'm a tall girl. I'm 5'10 and I love my height but I tend to go out with shorter guys more often is it because ...? I don't even know why? why short guys like tall girls? Personally I don't like going out with short guys because I don't feel quite protected.

I tend to wear heels not high though because then I look like walking tower. lol

So guys why do you go for tall girls? Tall girls do you like when sorter men hit on you?

Where are all the tall guys? Where are they?


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  • I'm your height, and I love tall girls. What's wrong with us 5'10" er's? I am a big guy and you'd feel protected. My 2/3 girlfriends were- 5'9" and 6' so...

    • There is nothing wrong with that! it's a blessing to be tall because not many are granted with this blessing hahaha. There is a shortage of tall guys here "/

    • Ya I understand. I have been blessed with large everything else. Chest, arms, ehm. 5'10 200lbs. 50" chest, 34" waist. Run road races and am in a boxing club. :)

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  • This question comes up so many times in different flavors. :)

    "Tall / Taller" ; "Short / Shorter" are all relative terms. And hence, eerybody's preferebce for height is based on ones' own height.

  • I'm 6'4". Believe me tall girls are much harder to find than tall guys. I would love to find a girl who is 5'10". I dated a girl who was 6' and was happy with her height.

  • This may be weird but i like girls taller than me, it gives me a thrill however even though i wouldn't mind a taller girl i would feel less powerful, it would make me feel as though she has full control.


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  • I'm 5'10 also, and I dated a guy shorter than me once. I didn't make me feel feminine, and it made me feel like I'M the one in control, not him. But now my bf's 6'4 and I think it's totallyyyy hott. Hang in there, you'll find someone tall that you like

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