Dating 3 months & he just stopped all communication?

I started dating this guy 3 months ago, & things were going great. We spent the night at each others' places, he invited me to meet his friends and coworkers, and was very romantic with me. He found out about a month in that this girl he hooked up with a year ago had a baby, & its his, & she wants a relationship with him, but he says he can't stand her. I went out of town 10 days ago, and before I left we had a great day and evening together, he even insisted on driving me to the airport. Since I left, he has not responded to my calls, my text messages, or e-mail. When I got back I called him from a different number, & he answered, but when I said who it was, the phone disconnected (hung up).

What gives? Why can't he be man enough to just tell me that it's over? I was worrying about him, because he's had a lot of stress in his life, but instead he just completely blocks me out for no reason at all. Don't I deserve some sort of explanation? I'm a big girl and can handle it - much better than I can handle him just being a jerk and ignoring me.

Guys - WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS to a girl he liked?


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  • If you know it's over you don't need a phone call from him to tell you that. As for the explanation, you answered it yourself. He has a child and baby mama drama. I understand how it feels to be completely ignored like that but us women have to answer the question ourselves for wimps like him. Life is too short to dwell on jerks who can't give the same type of care back. There's a difference between someone you like and somebody you love. He liked you for 3 months(maybe was falling in love too) but got a random phone call from a woman with his child. And you know what, the day the before he left and you two had a good evening together, was probably his last goodbye to you along with taking you to the airport. If he has a lot of stress in his life then don't call him anymore because it'll probably add more stress. If he loves you then he'll realize what he lost. If you feel that you need to wait for him then do what you want but don't cut yourself off from other great people out there. Be happy and continue to be a good woman.


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  • Sweety, I feel for you! BUT, you do NOT need a damn thing from this guy. He's got a new issue in his life and it's a baby and baby mama drama! You don't need to get caught up in that. Start fresh, away from someone who doesn't have the balls to tell you what's what. He's got zero respect for you, and that's all you need to know. Move on girlfriend! Trust me, you'll be glad you did sooner than later!

  • There could be a number of reason and you don't need a guys opinion to tell you what's up. Now I'm not gonna lecture you on something you already know... and that is to just move on... cause I understand its easier said than done. He has new issues that has arose and he just doesn't know how to handle it. Give him TIME and he might come around and explain things to you. OR he could have already told you his good bye by having that last days together be great. I wouldn't dwell so much on why he's not communicating with you and be HAPPY he is now out of the picture. Trust me you do NOT want baby mama drama...and better 3 months in than a year! Iv just got out of a relationship to and it sucks... but be strong and know there is someone out there that is RIGHT for u!

  • Fuck him. I think that's an explanation enough.

    Him being a wimp, someones baby daddy, and an idiot is more than enough explanation you'll ever need.

    Just forget it. Don't contact him, erase his number.

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