He hasn't texted me back. What does this mean?

OK, so I did things with my ex boyfriend two weeks ago. We've hooked up about a month after we broke up, and he hasn't texted me back in two weeks. I texted him one day but he said he was busy. I saw him for like two minutes at my neighbors house, who is conveniently his best friend. He hasn't texted me, so what do I do?


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  • My best advice to you is, do what you can to move on from this guy. I know it is hard, especially because you have slept with him. However, you are still very young and your ex is one of many men, you will date in your young life. I feel he is stringing you along and doesn't respect you or your feelings. It seems he wants you when it is convenient for him. Do not text him, call him or go over to your neighbors house, to see him. You need to respect yourself and not allow him to play with your head or emotions like that. Let him chase after you, not the other way around. This boy obviously is too young to handle a committed relationship and most likely wants to keep his options open and date. So go out and have fun...date other guys. When you are young, that is what you are supposed to be doing! Believe me, you become an adult faster than you wish and so try and make the most out of your freedom...

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