Is this more of a date thing or if it is a casual hanging out thing?

Hey guys :-)

I wanted to ask you guys if this is more of a date thing or

if it is a casual hanging out thing.

I met with him for coffee because we had common interest.

After that, I asked him if he wanted to join this volunteer group

and he willingly did.

The group meets once a week so I've seen him for about

three times with the group, once with another friend and

the first time was just me and him.

He recently asked if I wanted to grab dinner because he

arrived at the meeting area of the group too early.

I didn't see the text message in time so we're having dinner

next week. Is this just a casual hanging out thing or a date?

thank you for reading my post - and answering !


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  • Sounds like it's in between! It would've seemed totally casual if you'd gotten the text, but since you've rescheduled it sounds more date-ish since it's now about having dinner rather than just killing time.

    • Well, I was the one who rescheduled so I guess it's more of a casual thing?

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  • I would think this is a casual date, but a date never the less. you can tell more by asking him "where are we going?" many times Men like that to be a surprise, if that is the case ask what you should wear.. if your dressing up its a romatic event, if not, its a casual "getting to know you" event. Either way he is interested...

  • no dinner is a date and sherlock is dumb

    • You seem dumb because of your short and childlike way of speech, no offense

    • I can talk in long scentences. I just was tired. "in between" is for people who can't make up their minds

  • Right now I'd have to say it is a casual hanging out thing, but the fact that he arrived at the meeting early might mean he may wanna pursue something more.

  • date.


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  • Definitely a date! I mean don't take things too seriously and suddenly act like you guys are dating, but play it innocent and turn on the charm and who knows? You could get a repeat dinner, you could get a hot and steamy sack session!

    • Thank you for the answer :)

      I just wasn't sure because this doesn't happen to me often.

      not too sure if he is interested but we'll see