Not replying to text?

I met a girl on Saturday and I thought we had a good conversation a bit maybe a little drunk. I phoned up after we left the nightclub and spoke for about an hour. I thought I had spoken to her before that night (on a previous night). She seemed very receptive and seem positive when I touched her arm, her friend tried to get my attention while I spoke to her. I also kissed her as she left. I texted her yesterday (Wednesday) but elicited no response. Should I just leave it? I was thinking about calling. I don't have much time left before I leave this city.

I am also not really looking for a relationship.

Thanks girls, I think I might just leave it as suggested. I enjoyed the attention I got at the time anyway.



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  • I don't think it is really worth going threw with.

    i mean your not looking for a relationship, and your leaving the city. I mean unless she's the one for you then it's just not worth it.


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  • text her one more time. texts do get lost or she might have just missed yours. if she doesn't respond the second time, then move on


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