Online dating - Should I be completely open about what I want or mysterious?

Well I'm a single, lonely guy. I try to talk to many women as possible and I am on some dating sites such as POF and I even looked through Craigslist. I feel like the internet has a taboo still that if you are using it for dating you might look desperate. However it is getting better.

I am a completely normal guy. Good job, relatively young and in a great shape. Although I can be outgoing, to be honest there are times I would rather take a different route and talk to girls online.

The problem I face is women on their guard against "creepers" out there who give all guys, include decent ones a bad rap. And there only girls out there who are just looking for attention/friendship. I'm not looking to rip off a girls pants on date one (unless she asks me too and I'm, but hey I there should be a romantic agenda. I'm not going to spend money/time on "friends".

I find that when I write a real mysterious profile I get more attention. It also give more incentive to meet up in real life. If you dump your life's story in a profile there will be less to talk about in person.

On the flip side I want to AVOID women who will waste my time by pointlessly emailing back and forth. There are also women who are very overweight and do things to "hide" their face shots/angles and crap. Hey I love big girls too, but considering I'm a athlete with a cut body I would like a girl who matches up.

Should be more blunt about exactly what I'm looking for to avoid the run around. But so many girls can't be logical/direct.

How do I get more dates out of online dating?


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  • You need a little bit of both, I have used dating sites for four years and I have found that if you put in your profile a brief but eye catching description of yourself it'll catch a women's attention, but they also want to know a bit about you to figure out who you are and what your about, so be brief but make it interesting.

  • well the reason people think that about online dating is because a lot of people doing it ACT desperate, from what I've seen. your best bet is to let your personality come through. its hard to get to know someone online but if she can sense something about your personality just through your profile, you're going to have much better conversations. emphasize workouts or physical activities youd like her to engage in and maybe the bigger girls will move on lol. blunt and direct can come off as close minded, uptight. on the flipside girls are very guarded because of all the creeps and the needy they have to weed out, so don't sound like you want to marry the first girl you meet lol. find balance, be approachable (fun, interesting, talk about yourself once in a while).


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