Should my cousin be dating someone this young? I'm very worried that something bad will happen.?

My girl cousin Janette is 23 and she's dating this 17 year old dude who's still in high school. She already graduated though. I'm not sure how experienced she is with dating but is this a smart choice? The rest of my cousins are single but they told me they only would date people very close to their age. Anyways, is this smart of her? Should she be dating someone this young? Also, will this last or what kind of troubles could it cost? I love her, she's part of family and I don't know if I should give her some dating advice =/


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  • Because your cousin is an adult and her Boyfriend is a minor, it could be an ugly situation for her. If they become sexually active and his parents find out, depending on what state you live in, she could be charged with statutory rape, which is a felony and punishable by prison time. My advice to her is either break up, until he is 18 or find someone near her age. I hope that helps! I personally do not think it is worth possibly ruining your life, by going to prison and becoming a convicted felon (not to mention, she will be a registered sex offender)...


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  • why not age doesn't matter !

    im 17 and going out with a 31 year old and I love him with all my heart and soul !

  • idk he is not even legal that might be a problem


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