Girls: Hanging out question?

Basically this girl ran into some trouble around the end of school and I sent her a fb message saying I can relate to her problem and we should hang out and talk.

A month later when there's no school she says "awh thanks ya sure" . But I hardly know her and school was the easy way to meet up and talk. Since that's gone it's weird for me since I never really say stuff like "oh we should go here and we can do blah blah blah and talk about stuff."

I thought about places and going to her house is always an idea but there's nothing to do but talk and it could get awkward fast. Going to my house is a bad idea since my mom's a nut. I figured the mall would work since I like shopping and it's something to do while we talk.

Any suggestions?

I found out that she's living in the hospital so maybe visiting her would be a good idea? Then again I'm not really a well known acquaintance so it might be weird. I might just be second guessing myself but w/e.


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  • Don't visit her in the hospital, she's probably during to get out of there. I don't know what happened to her, but I it was something serious then her friends might be scared and not visit with her ortake her out. That's just my opinion, but do what you think feels best.


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  • The mall, coffee shop, mini golf, movies, amusement park, restaurant...

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