What does it mean when a girl just stops responding suddenly?

this girl I've been dating for a few weeks, all of a sudden just stopped responding to me. I sent her a few texts and never has she not responded but today and the 2nd half of yesterday she doesn't respond. The thing I don't get is, I asked her on a date earlier in the week, and said nothing to her to like offend her or make her mad at me, but she just canceled on the date the day off, and now won't respond. any clues as to why? is it games or did she suddenly decide overnight she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I was gonna call her tomorrow and if she doesn't answer that then maybe try to talk to her in person, I'm at a loss here why this sudden 180 in her attitude?


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  • to me it sounds like she lost interest, I'd call her though.

    It's pretty rude though to suddenly ignore someone without saying why.

  • Call her up and ask her why she won't answer her texts

    • Yea I will tomorrow, I've been reading some similar stories and I'm getting the same type of, "smothering her and that I need to give her space" but the thing is I only text her maybe 1 or 2 times a day and sometimes not at all, and we only go out like once every 2 weeks so I don't get why it would be smothering...

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