GUYS: how long do you have to date a girl before you decide you want her to be your girlfriend?

Does it take longer or shorter/ could it even be within a couple dates?


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  • It can take 5 minutes. It can take 5 years. There is no rules.

    • DING! He hit the nail right on the head

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    • I don't agree. I suspect there is a 1 - 3 month time limit on it that you're not willing to reveal because a lot of guys are jerks and will just go along with it to see if they will get some.

    • You may disagree all you want. I would never wait 3 months just to "get some". My time is to valuable to throw away waiting. If I want something to happen I make it happen. Simple as that. I don't live by made up rules. I'm honest with my intensions from the start and that makes life very simple.

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