Why is he still texting me?

okay long story very short..guy that I have liked on and off..roller coaster relationship..couldn't make up his mind about me so, I made it up for him...i walked away(again) and said have a nice life GOODBYE...hours later he texts me and says "Whats up?" ...i said nothing... he said same here...i said ...? a few seconds later I also said WHY?!...he said why what? I said nothing nvm...you just ugh!..then my friend took my phone so I wouldn't text him...whats he trying to do?


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  • It's called cat string theory. It is human nature to want what we can't have. Dangle a string in front of a cat just out of its reach and it will play with it for hours, lay the string on the ground and the cat will loose interest in a few seconds. lol He wants you when he can't have you, sounds like he likes a challenge. good luck!


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