Should I go for it?

i met this guy a couple of weeks ago at a sports camp and we clicked immediately. I usually laugh at the idea of love at first sight, but when we first met I could tell he was different and over the 2 weeks at camp we just became closer and closer but at the end we had to go separate ways. we have been talking non stop on the phone since then and yesterday he asked if I thought we could ever go out even though we live really far apart (me in NY and him in Virginia). he told me to think about it and let him know what ever I decided whenever I decided it, but I'm not sure if it would work out. do you think I should try dating him? please help me!

PS: neither of us get drivers licenses until November


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  • Don't even try dating this guy, Sweetie. Too many obstacles. Too far and no driver's

    license. Why limit yourself like this? There is no "love at first sight".. That is only attraction you feel - infatuation. Love takes time to develop and you guys aren't even in the same state! You are a young teen who has an entire life ahead of you and you should be having fun, dating LOTS of guys! You may see him at sports camp next year - maybe not. A lot can happen. Just enjoy the memories and the experience you had ( It's commonly called a "SUMMER FLING")

    and wish him well. You can keep in touch, of course - which you will most likely do for a while. But once school starts again - he will fade away. I can almost predict that. You can try to hang on if you want to - but what are you getting out of it? Text messages? That's not a relationship, Sweetie. He's your friend - let it go at that. Good luck!

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