My boyfriend has kissed his ex to console her!

my boyfriend and his ex met after 2 years, apparently his ex was not yet over him, she cried her lungs out when they saw each other and while consoling her they kissed and felt each other up a little. right after she left my boyfriend called me and told everything! I was furious but he argued that it was necessary and was d right thing to o at that time his ex was very depressed an he was afraid that she would end up hurting herself otherwise... when I asked that fine everything but are you sorry for what all happened, he said bluntly that he is not and it was situational. I m being silly to get mad on him! he loves me a lot and dint feel anything when they kissed, it meant nothing to him and he is not gonna meet her ever now

i m just furious that how can he not understand me and not be sorry !


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  • The last few sentences sounds like that's what you desperately want to believe. Fact is, he kissed her and didn't even apologized for it. Just adamant that it was "necessary". Anyhow, that's alright. It's your boyfriend. If you say things are fine, then they are fine...

    • Thats not what I want to believe , that was what he told me !! things are fine I still can take back a cheater boyfriend but I have issues with his attitude, I wonder if I will be able to handle such immoral person for life !!

    • He told you, only god knows why (it sure wan't to save your feelings or because he had to confess as the guilt was eating him alive!) Then he has the nerve to say it was required to console her, I'm angry at him and I don't even know him. You say you are willing to take back a cheating boyfriend, then how many times, do you want to mean that little to someone all your life?

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  • Well yeah you have every right to be mad at him. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be OK if you kissed some random guy because you felt "it was the right thing to do". He's being a hypocrite and you shouldn't let him get away with this so easily.

  • I don't think him kissing her is going to help her get over him :-/

    What is your question?

  • It's break-up time.


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  • What a bunch of garbage he's feeding you.

    She is not his responsibility. If he was worried about her, there are other ways to deal with it. Call someone close to her, call a hotline, have her talk to a professional. But feeling her up to make her feel good at the moment will do what? Make her expect the same later?

    Your boyfriend sounds extremely selfish. I understand about caring for other people while in a relationship but I don't think it should be at the expense of your loved one.

    I don't know how long you have been with him, but honestly even the past couldn't erase the pain of the present, for me. That and his absolute self centered reaction to your confusion and pain would not be something I could forgive, much less forget. I really hope you leave him and not buy into the bullsh*t he's spouting.

    Good luck, honey. You really need it.

    • Thanks everyone , I really appreciate, !!! I agree with you all totally , his argument is , why should he had called me told everything if it meant something for him, and feeling her was just very superficial he dint even put his arm under her shirt!! what bullsh*tt!! I m really angry and he thinks I m being lunatic and taking it out of propotion!! I m with him since 2 an half year now , we are engaged infact! I don't know what to do!

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