What is he trying to say?

So I was dating this guy for a little while, and it was going great. But he broke it off cause he felt like he needed to get to know me. And I was okay with that. after the breakup I kinda started hanging out with the same group of friends as him and we started talking again and at parties and such we are inseparable. Now he's starting to get all cute and he holds my hand in front of our friends and kisses me when I leave. And he always says we should hangout but never sticks to his word. So I don't know what's going on. Guys help please? What's he trying to say?


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  • Am not a guy but I'd say he's keeping his options open. He likes you well enough but he wants to pursue other women. Only thing you can do is keep YOUR options open.

    Don't wait around being his doormat - If he's not following through on his word - the guy is a liar.

    Is that who you want to date? Good luck.

  • He is trying to say that you should stick around him and keep being mesmerized by him while he pursues other women, and while he bargains with himself as to whether you're good/interesting/appealing enough to him to continue a relationship with you. Plus: "But he broke it off cause he felt like he needed to get to know me" WTF? What is that supposed to mean? If you love your girlfriend you learn about her and get to know her throughout the course of relationship. You don't break up with her to get to know her. This guy is bad news really, you should move on

    • That's what I said. I told him a relationship is about learning about each other throughout it. and it's okay for him to keep his options open but when I talk to other guys he gets really mad? I don't get it at all.