Where's that fine line between dating and bf/gf?

Okay so assuming that most people go out a couple times before they're actually 'official', I was wondering, what is it that defines that line? Do they two people talk about it and decide? Or does one person bring it up and ask if the other wants to be their bf/gf? Or is it something that if you date long enough, it's kind of assumed?


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  • Ok this rule is best followed in every relationship you may have in your life. "NEVER" assume... If you want to be exclusive, then you should bring it up... To me I think it is only fair to yourself to know. By the way, don't spill your guts.. That's a turn off and should come later..

    Now how do you bring it up? Well ask them what they are looking for, or where they could see this going between us.. I guess you have to feel out the answers. If they say they are not interested in boyfriend/girlfriend then maybe give it a few more dates, if your willing to wait. If they say boyfriend/girlfriend then play with that a little and just ask well then why don't we just be that and see if a serious answer comes back. If they are hesitant, give it a bit more time and bring it up again.

    by the way, please rate me if I have been some help :)


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  • Assumptions can lead to a lot of trouble.

    Something as serious as this needs to be discussed and agreed on.

    But not during a heavy make-out situation. :-)

  • always talk about it never assume.


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  • never assume ! lol

    if you're confused on where you are in a relationship with a guy,

    then by all means ask.

    but usually the guy will ask you

    or some will just say "you know you my girlfriend right ?"

    either way communication is key ! :]

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