Do you think dating is hard for men?

Lets look at this. First you can't meet girls anywhere.

1. Can't meet them at the bar/club because no girl wants to tell their mother that they met there.

2. Can't meet a girl who you work with, because its unethical.

3. Can't meet a girl at a place of business,where she works, because, again, its unethical.

Considering that most of a mans time is going to be spent at work, and then when he has time off he's going to either go to a club/bar or go to a place of business, his options are pretty limited.

Now, that's just the location.

Cant really talk to girls if they are in a group of 2 women, if you are alone, because the other girl is going to feel left out.

Cant really walk up to a group of women with another guy at the same time, because it creeps them out. (a bunch of dudes walking together as a group talking to women is intimidating and weird.)

Cant really be yourself, because yourself sucks. (for most guys.) Most guys "themselves" is not approaching women and sitting home and playing world of Warcraft. What's a guy like that to do? walk up to a girl and say "hey, what level is your paladin?"

And what's even better is that "yourself" as a man wants to say "hey I like you" as the first words that comes out of a mans mouth.

Which typically for most women, they find "creepy". They think "he doesn't know me, why does he like me?"

Every single "natural" I've ever met has always gone through trial and error... they were not "born" with the right personality to approach women, NO.. they tried things, and failed just like any man who plays world of warcraft.

They all eventually learned that men have to be funny, witty, charming, tall, good looking, rich, somewhat muscular, and dominant.

And most of all "original"

You don't want to say the same thing that some other guy just said to them, or you are a loser, even if your intentions are the best, and that you are just too nervous to say anything else... it doesn't matter, she's going to dismiss you anyways.

To make matters even better for men, women have what I call "pickup moods" several women I know got boyfriends with particular things that the man did.

If another man did the same thing to them, after moving on from her last boyfriend, she would put up all these "walls" and not give the man a chance.

Sometimes women go out also, and they do not "feel" like being approached. So no matter what you do, they are not going to respond well to your advances. (at least not initially, you can do things to get through this, but it makes it A LOT tougher to connect with someone) And even then, she's not going to be receptive to you initially..

And all of that is just meeting a woman... I haven't even touched on women's tests, and other games they play.

Now compare this to women... where all you have to be is hot, and not a bitch.

Pretty nice.. isn't it.

Sure you can say that not "all" women play games and act this way.

The ratio is this.

80% of women are like this

20% are not.

Do you think dating is hard for men?
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