Are there cute girls dating online ?

I mean are there cute girls dating online because they want to know the guy better before meeting online ?

I'm asking this because I am 22 years old an I work as a IT Technician at a company, all the girls there are older than me. It's not that I don't like them but it's very rare for a girl to date a younger guy.

I don't usually go to clubs, I go out, swimming, picnics, trips, all the outdoor stuff lol. I have also been at Salsa and bachata dancing school school for a few months, but couldn't date the girls there because it's you can get the wrong ideea very often...

I meet my ex while we were browsing the same forum and started chatting more and more, I was not on that forum for dating (it was a fan site) but we started dating and we were 2 years toghether until she dumped me, lately I found out that she is with a guy 9 years older than her that she met on the internet.

I'm an outgoing guy but I spend almost half day at work and even thought I never thought dating online I'm begining to take this into consideration


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  • Not helping your question but how do you like IT? I'm going to college for Network IT. There's a lot of girls on dating sites btw.


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