How do you let him know when you want to kiss?

we've been dating a couple weeks and he tells my friends he doesn't want to 'rush things' because he really likes me. But I think its about time! So what are some ways I can hint to him? we talk abt it a little but its mostly just joking and we're never really serious


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  • Thats a tough one!

    Im going to assume that you want him to actually start the kiss.. not you.

    The big ones is being close to him, (and preferably alone with him.) Bite your lip a bit.. and move even closer. Wrap your arms around him. Make it clear he can't screw it up.

    • Thank you! because yeah, I'd rathher him kiss me. good advice!

    • Np.

      BTW.. make sure you pick a smell you know he will go nuts for.

      (Then you can ask him to smell your neck.)

    • Niiice ha ha I can do that

  • Just do it: kiss him.

    • Would you like it if your girlfiend just kissed you? like do guys like that...?

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    • Wow seems intense :) thanks

    • It started a long saga LOL

      We were 20 then and we're still together (and happy with that)

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