What can I do to move on?

So I have finally decided that I am giving up ever trying to get back my ex. She treated me like and even though I was so in love with her I have decided this is for the best. of course its hard after 2 years but its just the feeling like I have no one else around right now which makes me feel lonely. We hadn't talked in awhile til she started sending me mean texts the other night and I ended the conversation and don't plan on responding to her last text. I had said goodbye. of course I still love her with all my heart and it kills me but I know I have to do this. I just finished deleting all the pictures of us and that was really hard for me. Please any advice how I can do things to get through this? everyday is a struggle now and I am finally deciding to let go for good and not hope anymore she comes back someday because I don't wanna ever have to deal with this again. So any help would be great. thanks.


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  • I can help.been through this before

    step one

    every time you think of her think of the mean stuff she said or did to you and you will instantly feel better that you're not with her

    step two

    Work on you for example join the gym , of go for 30 mins Run early morning to let off the anger inside , you will feel better and look better therefore she will see what she is missing and you will get more girls after you once you take care of you and become indifferent and independent that's what women want. no women wants a needy man.

    Step three

    GO OUT -- party with friends once you focus on yourself you will feel so good you will become more sociable go out have fun meet people take a trip with a friend to mexico cancun and party all week.after 2 months of all this you will not even remember why you stayed that long with her!

    wishing you all the luck and if you need anything I am willing to help every way I can , cause you deserve better then this!

    • Thank you very much. ya I have been lifting a lot and partying too much XD but ya its helping so far and I know things will get easier. thanks again.

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  • Wow I feel sorry that it didn't work out for you, I had similar situation to that what I did is just concentrate on somebody else, and start getting to know another girl and eventually you will forget about your ex. Its really hard to begin I know but you can't just sit there and wait hopping she will come back. Good luck hopes this helps.


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  • My Cougar Cousin,

    Good for you bro, you know my feelings on your situation, you're taking the right step and you'll be better for it.

    Now, since you're going to be a Coug, you've go a tradition to defend and up hold. And that is smash mouth football.

    So you need to take all that anger and pain and go get your click-clack on, and you know what I'm talking about. You can never be too prepared for Pac-10 ball. Lift hard, because through all that emotion we should discover a man who can move mountains and spit fire!

    It's your motivation to be a Gridiron God.

    After all that, don't be too shy to hang around with friends. Take some road trips to locales you've wanted to see, but never had the time. Start getting your furniture list together.

    Oh, you should look into Swing dancing. It's fairly popular around here.

    We'll be seeing you!

    • Dude you always make me feel better when I read your comments. thanks again man, your a huge help always

  • Hey alright you the man.

    You learned a very valuable lesson.

    Use your head more when it comes to women,make them prove their true intentions.

    You are what I call a free agent,you are young enough to have some fun.

    Hang out w/your friends,goto strip clubs,party and have fun.

    Once the fun gets boring than you can try to find that special women.

    But like how college players go thru the scouting combine.

    Make women go thru a series of test

    1) get to know the chicks

    2)get an idea what type of woman she is

    Like attention in public,high maintenance,is she a just"me,me"person,kind giving,etc.

    3) see what her true intentions are(like)

    are you a fling?or 1-night stand

    are you just friends?are you dating?etc.

    4) see how they act in various public settings

    5)don't rush into anything,take your time

    like sex,living together,your relationship,etc.

    6) have some space,make her miss you.

    7) see if your friends approve of the woman you pick

    8)when you break up w/a woman don't think what if

    Remember early on there'll be signs if the relationship will work out or not.

    By using your head you'll be able to see these things and avoid heartbreak

    And if you use your heart your judgment will get clouded by the time you these signs

    it's toooo late.

    And you'll end up w/a broken heart

    Take some time and really think about my advice

    And talk it over w/your friends

    I'll admit a little different but those are my 8-test I put women thru.

    I'll let you know if I come up w/more

    Good luck