Will a descent good looking guy date a big girl?

I was just wondering if a good guy will date a big girl?

Like what if the girl has a pretty face and is really nice?

I'm a big girl, but I've recently started losing weight, I lost 11 lbs in one week and plan on keep losing weight.


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  • I have seen some attractive big girls, and even thought about dating one. Although they are not my ideal lady, I have always found them nice to be around and talk to.

    Don't do crazy things to lose weight just to meet a boy. No matter what diet programs tell you, they are mostly lies. You may lose weight fast right away but it will come back. The best way to lose weight is replacing fat with muscle. Hit the gym! Its possible to lose weight, gain muscle, and not worry about looking bulky. Talk to a personal trainer at a local gym to get more advice on how.

    But do this for you, not some guy.

    Best of luck, QueenV


    • Thanks for the advice...i have been working out and eating healthy and taking vitamins, and I have been losing weight I just hope that I can keep it off once I get down to the size I want. thanks again.

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  • Depends if you are his type, if he really likes you yes. Maybe look at his past dating history what kind of girls does he go for...


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  • Honestly I doubt it. I'm not trying to be hateful because I am a big girl as well and the truth is most guys prefer hot girls, or at least girls who have nice bodies. I'm one of those fat girls with a pretty face but that doesn't mean guys will want to date you because a lot of them (especially younger guys) care about peer pressure and what their friends think. Due to the negative image fat is associated with, and the fact that men are judged based on the kind of girl they have on their arm...the odds of a fat girl getting a decent good looking guy is low because more than likely that guy will prefer to be with a girl who isn't fat. Even fat guys or unattractive guys would rather be with a girl who is thin than a fat girl. Congratulations on losing 11 pounds! I don't know how big you are now, but you'll find it easier to get the guys you want as your weight goes down.

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