GUYS: How much does a 1st impression matter?

They say that FIRST IMPRESSIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE, but I have a question for you guys.

Say you met a girl, and the first time you met her she was unattractive to you or ugly. but then over time she started looking better and better. Would your opinion of her change? Would you possibly become interested in her? Or would you always feel the same way about her because she was ugly when you first met?

*And please answer as honestly as possible. I despise "fake" PC answers, please keep it real and be honest*

I'm not talking about what the girl's personality is like, I'm talking about looks.

Like say you meet a girl once and she's ugly

then you meet her again and she's good looking.


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  • It means a lot. Just as much as it means to women it means to men.

    If you think a guy is creepy when you first meet him, the chances are he's going to remain that way.

    If a woman is ugly the first time a guy meets her, chances are she's going to remain that way.

    Those are the 2 extremes though. The difference is that if she's "average" then she has a shot.

    If she's below what the man feels is "average" for him, she's pretty much out of the running.

    Keep in mind though, this is looking at it from the "relationship" point of view. Because most men will have sex with a tree stump, providing there's a hole in it.

    There are things that a woman can do to become more presentable and to increase the mans desire to her, once the first impression of her has passed.

    If you are average to him and then increase your approachability, and overall attractiveness, he will want to know more about you. And he will be likely to stay.


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  • Yes it would. I just met my buddy's girlfriend (I think its his girlfriend lol) and at first she was acting sort of bitchy. Before I met her, I knew that her parents are loaded, she goes to a really high end private school around here, her parents just trashed a $400,000 car and got rid of it just like that, they're buying her a car (after about 5 other cars she's had) needless to say I already assumed she was a spoiled little bitch. So when I first met her, she was indeed acting a little bitchy. But over the course of an hour I realized that it was only towards my buddy, not me and another buddy. Actually it was funny because both me and the other friend noticed and laughed because the first buddy is a little bit of a pushover or "nice guy" sometimes and she's a little bit of a tough-willed girl.

    But anyway, yeah my image of her can definitely change. I started out a little uncertain about her, but the more we all hung out the normal she got. Unless your first impression is really horrible, things can definitely change. First impressions don't ruin things completely.

  • 1st impression doesn't matter all that much to me..

  • It takes only 3 seconds to make a first impression.

    That said, most of us are smart enough to know that first impressions don't always count, and would make an attempt to know the person more.

    But honestly, my first impression of a girl is usually accurate, it is however with a clearer picture of that girl that I either become more attracted (if she's not that good looking) or less attracted (if she is good looking). It's usually down to having high expectations for the pretty girl and being disappointed and vice versa.

    Funny, before I saw this question, I was just thinking about this. I'm currently dating a girl who is VERY pretty and a kind person too but she is so boring, having a conversation with her feels like way too much effort... I might even call it off soon :( I'd sooner have dated a less attractive one whom I can talk to easily... I know there're many girls who when I first met I considered not attractive but over time I've wanted to screw their brains out lol

  • we're not shallow. we really don't go off looks. we go off of what we can talk to you about..looks are a bonus to us. that's why I'm with my current "sports fanatic" girlfriend. because I like sports too and it helps the she cheers at the same time

    • Is this a serious answer? I could have sworn most men are visual and go off looks first. I appreciate your answer but I think you might be in the minority? But then again you would know better than I do about what men like since you are one lol

    • If me and my girlfriend didn't get along when I first met her. ida moved on. like that "snaps fingers". we had an instant connection. ida gone with an uglier girl who had the same personality if I had met her before my girlfriend. just kinda happened that way though

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