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More of just out of curiosity, I was wanting to know how was your first kiss with your current boyfriend/girlfriend or in last long term relationship. Was it good, bad? Was it stereotypical like at the door at the end of the first date or was it more random? How soon was it like the first day you met them or three months later?


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  • Funny story about my boyfriend and mine's first kiss...I went to go visit one of my girlfriends and we ended up at a party at one of the friends of her best friend house. I met this guy and we were both drunk and we started talking (my friend went to high school with him). We ended up dancing and all of a sudden, he kissed me. We ended up making out and ended up on the couch. My friend and most of the people who were there went down to the kitchen while it just us and a couple of guys passed out drunk in the rec room.

    So we're making out and all of a sudden he stops. We look at each other and realize that there is red on each others' face. Turns out he got a bloody nose and it got all over me. The guys who had passed out drunk had woken up and went downstairs to tell everyone that the two people making out upstairs were bleeding. He went down to clean himself off, while my friend came up to help me clean up. He came back and sat down with me on the couch, and we ended up making out again.

    Pretty much a month and a half later he asked me out, and we've been going out two months. It was that event that kept us talking and joking about it, and probably the reason that we're together


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  • It was more than good it was perfect :) ...This was I guess our second date (we were long distance) but we had hung out that night, watched a movie, and I was suppose to stay with my friend but I didn't :P I stayed with him at his place and I was kinda unsure what to do, since we were gonna sleep in the same bed(but not do anything) then he says, hey did you want to make yourself more comfortable on my shoulder and so I did and he kissed me, it was amazing!...for some reason it was better than any other first kiss of my life!

  • My first kiss with my boyfriend was perfect :)

    I remember he took me to this little beach that hardly anyone knows about. We were just hanging out, talking, skipping rocks, nothing special, but just enjoying eachothers company. He used to only kiss me on the cheek when we were dating, which I thought was cute, but the day at the beach he kissed me on the cheek like usual and slowly kept kissing closer towards my mouth. We ended up making out for a while down by the water. He was such a good kisser. He ended up asking me out about a week later.

    It may not sound so special, but it was a feeling I'm never going to forget. It was perfect to me. It's our one year anniversary in a week and a half :)


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