Online - He's Just Not That Into Me?

I have two questions. One is general question and another is specific.

1 - What are some things guys would do/don't do if they're not into you on an online dating site.

2.- Long story short: I messaged this guy I liked (profile-wise) and he exclaimed that he was happy I messaged him he wanted to talk to me. (I had a paid acc he didn't) weeks went by messaging back and forth. Then he goes days even a week without messaging me back. On his Myspace he logs in almost everyday but doesn't talk to me on this other site. At one point (I was getting fed up with feeling played) I even asked him if he wanted to stop talking he could just tell me and it would be alright but he said no he wanted to talk to me. After that I sent him a mail saying something light like how's work going? It's been 6 days. I don't get it.

I mean I do feel our convos are getting bored I mean all we talk about is me - school & him -work. I wanted him to bring up something good to talk about but it's always me that needs to change the subject.

So tell me - Am I being rejected/played?


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  • You're not being played unless you are exclusive... He's keeping his options open. You are not the only one he's talking to. You should keep YOUR options open.. That will prevent you from investing too much... and protecting your heart. What is something "good" to talk about? Have no clue what that means. Just do nothing. No contact. NONE. If he contacts you, then you have some hope. I think if you stop - he most likely will go on to the next girl.. Just hang loose. he's not your boyfriend you know.. Just someone you have messaged. Don't look more into it, Sweetie. He's on a dating site.. DATING.. So should you.. Date a lot of guys. This guy is too busy playing the field to make you his girlfriend. If your convos are getting boring.. why are you talking to

    him anyway? Just move on. That's what I'd do. There are too many guys out there who would adore to be with you. Find one. It's not him. Hugz.

    • Oh alright. By good I meant stuff like interests - favorite movies, dreams, goals/aspirations, etc. hell anything really to get to know me better. I mean from the stuff we already talked about we do have a lot of things in common and he's pretty much what I want boyfriend-wise. Yeahh I mean I do talk to other guys but he's the one I end up caring if he messaged me back by the end of the day/week. My favorite I guess. Yeahh thank you so much though!

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