Drunken Kiss...What to do?

Okay so I have a thing with this girl and she got drunk last night and made out with her friend who is a girl (I don't care about that) but she also kissed this guy and today she told me everything and said she was sorry. I'm not mad at her, but I feel like beating the living sh*t out of this guy because I know he's a whore and he was trying to do more than kiss her, trying to take advantage of her when she was drunk. I know this because he's done it to a lot of girls. My question is, what do I do? I've never had to deal with a situation like this before...


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  • I believe that your response here could be what you feel and what you feel would be best would for the situation. If you feel you can trust this girl, that the kiss meant nothing, then by all means, move forward and say you forgive her.