Why is it that a guy that I'm dating with for a month doesn't have any feelings for me?

I'm having sex with him for a month. At first, I know that this relationship is apathetic. We both don't have to commit with each other. We just play around in bed together. However, when he starts to go in my house, meet my brothers and have a great time with them. He likes my family and I start to fall in love with him and wants to take the relationship to the next level. I ask him if he feels something for me but just uttered... "I understand you". I told him that I couldn't play around with him anymore and I told him that I'm falling in love with him. He just answered, "I really understand you". He just sent me "smiley faces". Anyway, I told him that I wasn't able to guard my heart and I was just human to fall in love with him. Honestly, I told him that it's clear to me now that he could only give me "play and friendship". Lastly, I texted him that I wanted to keep him as my friend and that he will always be a special part of me. It hurts so bad.


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  • I think you did well letting him know what you feel and want . Maybe you should try keep him to distance for a while ..just to see what he is going to do .and when he calls you you tell him you're in a hurry because you have a meeting and you will call him later .I think he likes you but he got your weakness and he's a bit cocky ...he knows you're always there and he takes advantage of that being comfortable .

    Dont ask him to tell you that 'he loves you ' ...words are meaningless as long as he shows you he is there for you and he's giving you almost full time attention.

    i know only few things to have a perfect image of what you have now but I know women attach more easily to a man when sex is involved (human nature) ...

    Good luck .hope it helped a bit.


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  • well no offense but you did set yourself up for this. you let him hit it too early w/o any commitment or proof of his feelings. you have to make a guy work for it and prove himself to you before you decide to lay down with him and get attached.