Ever tried online dating service?

Or would you ever consider using one? Do they work? Have you ever met someone over the computer in real life?


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  • I've tinkered with dating sites but never had the guts to follow through and actually meet up with people. I really like chemistry.com because they make you take a personality quiz before connecting you with people. Match.com is nice too because you have to pay, so it's probably more legit than a free site with creepers galore flocking to it.


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  • i have a really good friend who did, and end up meeting a girl. He really likes her; I've been told many times. He says that they have so much in common, & he seems really happy with her.

    so, if I can answer this on his behalf, yes. I think they do work. He's only met her three times and yet he can't stop thinking about her. magic? I dunno. maybe.


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  • I tried a couple sites about a year ago when I was too busy to go out and meet people. I've met several girls over various dating sites, namely yahoo personals and eharmony. I never had any weird 'Internet creeper' based encounters from it.

    They work in that they'll match you up with people. All I personally think they're good for is making you aware of people you wouldn't normally have met. I think that the website makes things far too impersonal. Relationships are a personal thing. For me I would get a h old of the girl I was interested in over the website and ask them out to meet them in person and get to know them in person, rather than emailing back and forth for several weeks before ever meeting up.

    They work, but they make the process to formal, too mechanical, takes the fun out of it and takes away from what the dating process should actually be. Its less hassle, its also less fun.

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