Well am I screwed or what?

For the past month and a half I have fallen for a girl I have known over a year. Some of you may have read my other post.

For a while we have been wanting to do something together than our Monday nights and workouts, but tonight... Was the biggest bomb shell I have seen yet of us. Last week she told me that she only wanted Friendship and does not want to confuse me, blah blah, blah.

Tonight we hang out with our group like every other Monday and she was a little tipsy, but not much. For as long as I known her, Joe was her go-to guy. They will talk quite a bit, and Joe is about to get married next month.

Tonight I was outside dealing with some text messages I got, and I saw the girl I want to get with with her hands around Joe's neck and she gave him a small kiss on the lips. I was hurt... I could not believe what I saw. Joe knows I like her and yet he was the one to get me to ask her out. But yet I saw the two of them outside together and she kissed him. But I don't think they saw me. Yet he is about to get married, and she is going through a lot of stuff.

She is coming to my party on wed, and now I don't know what to do now. She is always suggesting we should hang out more and well and after what I saw, I don't know what to think anymore.

One of my best friends told me I should be there at her side, even if she does stoop low such as this, but I don't know what to think anymore.

When she left tonight, she me that she loved me and gave me a hug with a kiss on the cheek, and left.


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  • She sounds kind of promiscuos. Anyway, If I was you, I would listen to her when she says she does not want to confuse you and just be her friend. That way you will avoid getting your feelings hurt. That hug, kiss, and love you that she gave you sounds strictly platonic. I would just keep a safe distance and be friends

    • I plan on staying her friend, what's funny, she was the one that wanted to advance our friendship in the first place when she invited me to work out with her, that is when I begin to fall for her. What is funny, I do not want a relationship in the first place with anyone till she started at me.

  • Classic case of boy meets girl, boy likes girl and girl likes the guy as just a buddy. You got in the "friend" zone and it's nearly impossible to ever get out of it with her. If she liked you in a romantic way she wouldn't be kissing up on other guys and that's not the case here.

    I wouldn't be able to continue hanging out with her if I were you only cause it's going to go south real quick when you see her kissing other men and eventually dating them too.

    Unless your able to really sep. your feelings from friendship with no hidden motives I'd run and not look back. Invest your time with a girl that actually wants you and not some girl that sees you as "just a friend"...girls like this tend to use boys like you even if they don't mean to.

    • I have been keeping my distance from her in the past few months till about 3 months ago when she asked me to go work out with her. It is what she did to me in the gym to get me intrested in her, but it wasnt till the past month where she started to focus on me even more. When she is drunk, It seems like I become her target and she will keep messing with me till she is satisfied. When I am with my female friend, she will look over into our direction while I talk to my friends, and look at us.

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